Sunday, September 12, 2004

Bring in the Clowns!

The Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus just rolled into town. You know what that means...


I was just as shocked as you.

There was a time in this city, specifically in Kemper Arena when Cotton Candy cost you a measly $1.75. What a bargain we had. The joy of late 80's indoor soccer, combined with relatively cheap cotton candy, was something none of us could have expected taking for granted.

The $10 Cotton Candy was one of the many highlights from this weekend's circus festivities. Leave it up to Ringling Bros. and Co. to still boost that they are the: "Greatest Show on Earth."


Competition in the marketplace has gotten a bit stiff over the years to continue to echo this slogan with a straight face.

Identity of Royals' Playboy Connection Revealed!

In October 2002, Playboy's playmate of the month Teri Harrison mentioned that she had lived in Kansas City the previous summer. She admitted to being involved with an unnamed Royals player. After conversations with two different sources within the local sports media, my investigation has led to one suspect: Mark Quinn.

Quinn first saw extensive action with the Royals in 2000. A year later he was seeing a different kind of extensive action with Ms. Harrison. His surge as a rookie didn't last long. Over the next two years, his play continued to go down hill. The Royals released him in the spring of '03 and he has been unable to secure a Major League job ever since. Quinn was never one to count on to take a pitch (he rarely, if ever, drew a base on balls), but it appears that (at least for a time) he was in very elite company at the Playboy mansion.

TV Recomendation

For all Baseball fans (especially those of the 80's era), I suggest you take a glance at your TV Guide to find a repeat of the ESPN production of "Utilityman." Randy and Jason Sklar, hosts of the ESPN Classic series "Cheap Seats" and die-hard St. Louis Cardinals fans, are on a mission. Their mission is simple: to see former Cardinal Jose Oquendo enshrined forever among baseball's greatest players at Cooperstown. The Sklar brothers' journey to a number of cities to compile any kind of viable research they can find to support the hall of fame induction of a mediocre ball player like Oquendo provides many humorous encounters along the way.

The Sklar Brothers, while not especially funny at times during their ESPN Classic program, "The Cheap Seats," do manage to put together one of the all-time classic baseball films. It is to baseball, what "This is Spinal Tap" was to rock'n'roll.

Former Chief Takes Firm Stand Against Prostitution

Don't you love the nuggets of wisdom we are inundated with from professional athletes? At least one radio station in KC is still scratching its head after one such athlete went off script and started spouting off on former teammates.

Sports radio 810am WHB went dead silent this past week when former Chief player Mark Collins revealed that former New York Giants teammate Dave Meggett had a 'real problem with prostitutes.'

The statement drew what seemed to be a five minute span of dead air. Those that were in the booth with Collins quickly worked to change the subject.

For all of us who depended on Dave Meggett in our Tecmo Football seasons, the remarks were a tremendous blow. Several ex-Tecmo Football fans are already furious, vowing to substitute Meggett out of the classic Nintendo game the next time they play.

More Moore Musings

Michael Moore has taken a page from Creed and promised that his latest successful docu-drama will become his sacrifice. What he is sacrificing, I'm not exactly sure (I suppose he is assuming he already has the Oscar wrapped up for 'best documentary'? Please...) Moore is allowing his film to be aired on public television in the weeks leading up to the November election. Of course, Moore still denies that the film is meant to work as an endorsement of Kerry.

Moore, who now lives in Manhattan, still claims to make his home in Michigan. Like Bill O'Reilly, Moore continues to perpetuate this myth to maintain his self perception of being a populist voice.

What Moore is now is the Democrats' version of a hatchet man ("A kindler, gentler..."). Just as Bob Dole personified the role for Nixon and the Republicans 30 years ago, Moore has done the kind of behind the scenes 'consulting' work that a Karl Rove-type performs for the GOP.

The fact that Moore went to the RNC as a columnist for USA Today continues to puzzle me. What was he expecting to accomplish? It was great publicity for USA today, but the more he creates these publicity events for himself the better it gets for Bush and friends. He's too far gone to realize that the strongest points of his film were those that maintained separation between the filmmaker and the material.

Moore and Mel Gibson are both under the believe that what they are doing is the work of the Gospel...


The campaign to ensure Calvin Pickering a spot on the Kansas City Royals 2005 opening day roster is in its' early stages. The "Stick-with-Pick" movement should be gaining momentum in the coming months...


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