Thursday, February 17, 2005

KC Star Columnist Barbara Shelly: Government Tool

That incessant whining sound you hear at night comes from the KC Star offices. Once again, KC's only daily rag uses a columnist to drive home the 'taxes aren't so bad' message. For those of us who choose to point out the faults in these arguments, we are lectured by these giants of media excellence.

This time it's Barbara Shelly, doing the pro-tax dance. The Star loves to lay guilt trips on anyone who points out just how wasteful government spending is. If you oppose payments to billionaires so they can't improve or build new sports stadiums, then you're automatically opposed to downtown growth or else your just letting the town 'turn into another Omaha or Branson.'

This city deserves a competing daily that will point out just how much ass the Star kisses at City Hall, the Truman Sports Complex, etc.

Shelly claims the anti-tax crowd is ignoring the common good that government is meant to provide. Oh so sorry "Babs", we're just trying to remind folks how often government compounds problems when they are allowed further say on how we live our lives.


Blogger Dan said...

Shelly states: "I further suggest that when a state has to eliminate vital services for disabled children (Missouri) or continually shortchange its public schools (Kansas), that state needs to look for new revenue." Rather than answer that, you rant about stadiums and millionaires.

Shelly is not arguing for unlimited taxation - she's pointing out that our governments need additional tax revenue if they are to deliver essential services. That's a far cry from how you sum up her position.

10:27 AM

Blogger Eric said...

Missouri has plenty of room for a modest tax increase. We rank somewhere around 48 or 49 among the states in terms our level of taxes, yet most of our governemnt provides service levels near the middle.

Our government is already doing an amazing job with the limited revenue that it already has. A little more revenue would really help offset the cuts to important programs, and provide some more state aid for local priorities like roads, bridges, mass transit, and even stadiums.

6:44 AM


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