Thursday, February 17, 2005

Mike Greenwell: "I'm the 1988 AL MVP!"

Former Red Sox outfielder Mike Greenwell has a hell of a case for why he should be named 1988 MLB AL MVP: he didn't use steroids, and Jose Canseco (the recipient of the award) did.

"Where's my MVP?" Greenwell told the Fort Myers News-Press. "[Canseco's] an admitted steroid user. I was clean. If they're going to start putting asterisks by things, let's put one by the MVP."

Did the award cost Greenwell millions of dollars as he claims?

Maybe so.

The real question is whether or not all of my late 80's Topps and Donruss Greenwell cards will skyrocket in value once MLB awards him with what is rightfully his. God knows, all of my B.J. Surhoff "Future Star" Topps rookie cards will never be worth a penny. But you still have to admire the wood-like frame on that '87 set.


Anonymous Auroraman said...

Sorry I've been out of touch, Ben. Sounds like we're blood brothers when it comes to taking a bath on late 80s future stars. Dave Magadan and Mike Dunne killed my investment portfolio. I cleaned up on Mike Thurman, though.

One comment: I think some arguments might be better if you pull back just a bit. I don't think you jump the shark into the rant end of the lake, but sometimes I think it hurts your point.

Don't know if this would help or hurt your hit count, though.

Hope all else is well. Don't let the bastards get you down. And sometimes it's better to pull back than march ahead.

3:05 PM

Anonymous auroraman said...

Sorry. I meant Gary Thurman, not Mike. He was almost as hyped by the Royals as the Chiefs' Super Bowl chances are by Carl Peterson (fooling fans since 1989)

3:19 PM


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