Monday, December 13, 2004

Fired...But not out of a Job....UMKC Logic

UMKC Chancellor Martha Gilliland will being doing OK even without her current position on campus. Martha will receive about $125,000 in "compensation" next spring. She was making only $175,000 when she was hired, but that number had inflated to $255,000 by this year.

Next year, she'll also start collecting on a six figure salary from her new gig as a tenured professor in the University's School of Computing and Engineering. She hasn't been in the classroom in 15 years. She is "expected" to teach by the fall semester (August 2005). If I were still a student on the Volker campus, I'd be making plans with my academic advisors to find a way to get into that ONE class that she'll be overseeing. If you're a TA for that class, get ready to work your ass off for her...she may be their in body, but she'll never have to 'teach' another day in her life.

Still Tackling Streakers?......Why???

What purpose does this serve? What's the crime? "Nudity" - that's a crime that deserves physical punishment? It's 2005 - let's end the brutal practice of smothering naked people.

Story of the Year

In August, Bush and Kerry's campaigns just happened to be both rolling through Iowa at the same time. On August 4th, criminals robbed three separate banks in Iowa City while both candidates were holding political events. Police indicated that the massive security presence requested by the campaigns for the two men, may have been responsible for the 'free for all' that opened up and gave the novice bank robbers an early X-Mas present.


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