Monday, December 06, 2004

Quotes of the Week + One Small UMKC update

Kemper Arena is playing with fire by asking players to perform on top of ice. The Comets (Major League Indoor Soccer) will continue to play home games on a surface that rests atop of the ice used for Outlaws (United Hockey League) games. No blatant disaster to report…so far.

Will another teacher going to jail for sleeping with a student? You’re really going to send this woman to jail? What is her crime, again? Please.

And somebody tell McCain and his buddies that they cannot legislate mandatory drug testing on Americans.

Since his campaign for the Presidency in 2000, Senator John McCain has shown a repeated pattern of need for the glare of the national media spotlight…

The Senator from Arizona conviently pops up whenever an issue registers on the screen of national media outlets.

The always popular McCain is eager to please the moral crusaders (Bill Bennett, Bill O'Reilly, etc.) – even at the risk of upholding civil liberties or ensuring his constituents a life free of daily government interference…

McCain’s newest campaign involves Major League Baseball. Upset with the way the nature of their operating procedures – he has thrust himself once again into the spotlight to project a strong opposition to the current state of America’s pastime.

And now for some quotes…

*”One of the big worry's I have about an all-out race war is whether or not we'll be able to ensure that each group is proportionately represented within the context of the actual fighting.....” –JustinGoggles 12/1/04

(Justin, your thoughts are always appreciated.)

*Sgt. Russel Slay's last words to his 5-year-old son:

On Nov. 9th Marine Staff Sgt. Russel Slay wrote a letter to his family. In it the 28-year-old, anticipating death, said his goodbyes to his young children. To his 5-year-old son Walker, he offered advice that he hoped would position the boy to enjoy a longer, less risky life.

"Be studious, stay in school and stay away from the military," he wrote. "I mean it."

Well said.

*Quote of the Week for me and the other 12 NBA fans in KC:-Charles Barkley: “Reggie Theus...half man…half make-up.”

*I’m using tons of blankets these nights when I sleep. It’s not that it’s really that cold outside, but for some reason I’m still feeling a 'draft.' :0


*”Terrorism is the war of the poor, and war is the terrorism of the rich.” – Pat Buchannan, “Where the Right Went Wrong.”

UMKC Yearly Sports Update

That stat line for 'Roo's standout, all-star, gold medal olympian guard Mark Huppe is shaping up quite nicely through three games:

FG's = 5-17
3P's = 5-17
FT's = 0-0

A winning formula everytime: zero 2 point shots, as few free throws as possible, and a three point percentage equal to Ken Griffey Jr.'s career batting average. This guy has a real chance of being the only player in the history of Division I to NEVER attempt a two point field goal. I may need to actually watch a UMKC game to see whether or not he is glued to the three point line. Let’s hope ‘the streak’ continues and he is able to go down in the books as one of the greatest 22-year-old juniors to grace college basketball.

The other thing you have to love about UMKC Basketball is Carlton Aaron. A 25-year-old starting center who looks like Shaq and plays like Tractor Traylor (reminiscent of some of the great Arkansas big men of the early 90's):


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