Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Tsuanmi vs. War - Race in American Reporting

After being flooded (no pun intended) with images day after day from this disaster -- it's beginning to debunk the media's line concerning why images from Iraq and Afghanistan are held away from the public. We hear again and again that the wars in the middle east must be covered and handled with a certain and unique level of sensitivity. Me thinks the whole thing reaffirms the systemic racism that permeates throughout American culture.

They have been all too eager to bring us the grisly photos and video in this natural disaster. We have a clear cut example of how one standard is applied to reporting on tragedy involving Americans, and another one is applied to foreigners (and I think we could create a sub-group here as well -- one for white foreigners and one for non-white foreigners. Tragedy that strikes non-white foreigners is easier to 'report' because there is an assumed lack of sophistication amongst this group -- such that they supposedly get themselves into these situations).

Sundvold Back in KC

One of the biggest mysteries during my UMKC tenure was seeing the 'Roos fire Bob Sundvold in 2000 after a successful, winning season. He's back now as the head coach of the Kansas City Knights (he even almost had Robbie Graves back taking jump shots on baskets and swings at teammates and/or opponents). It's a shame that no one has ever cracked the mystery as to why he was fired and replaced by a stop gap coach for one year before Zvosec was brought. He too could be on the hot seat after a dreadful start. They finally got on the board with a win against IUPUI.


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