Wednesday, April 06, 2005

KCUR Deems Itself "Phenomenal!"

During their on-air pledge drive, a KCUR announcer read off a laundry list of adjectives before he landed on a title to sum up the local NPR affiliate's contribution to KC:

"KCUR is a.....cultural phenomenon!"

You know what's really phenomenal? The fact that it's 2005, and we still have government funded media.

Look, I'm a fan of KCUR, and NPR in general if only for the fact that it gives you an option that isn't sports talk or "news" talk radio. Still, NPR (like the KC Star) has never met a government program it didn't like. Who can blame'em. It's the hand that feeds.

I'd be nice to have some real news reporting going on in KC radio. All we have left is AM reports courtesy of the crusier 980. Unfortunately, that station turns into a Republican noise machine b by the afternoon.


Blogger designguy35 said...

Quote: "You know what's really phenomenal? The fact that it's 2005, and we still have government funded media."

No, actually what is phenomenal is that it is 2005 and we still NEED government funded media.

Most of the radio is Conservative talk-show ranting (Rush, O'Reilly) and TV is over-saturated with still more right wingers (Hannity, Scarborough, Hume, Novak). Plus, the regular media (which many times is laughably called the "liberal media") is just plain incompetent - especially the local news.

I just watched KCTV do a "hard hitting" story on vampire teens in Texas! What?!?
How about a story of the thousands dying of AIDS in Africa? Those dying in Darfur?
Maybe a story on how crappy health care in America has become?

Unfortunately, it seems the only place you can go to get information on these kind of stories is NPR, PBS or perhaps CSPAN - all funded by the government.

On top of that, the independent group Program on International Policy Attitudes (PIPA) released a study in October 2003 that showed 80% of Fox News viewers were misinformed regarding WMD evidence and a link between Iraq and al Qaeda.
Who was the most informed you might ask?
NPR listeners and PBS viewers. Only 23% of NPR/PBS people had any misconceptions regarding evidence.
See the report for yourself pipa.org

Why would this be?
My belief is that it's because NPR and PBS are the only news outlets that aren't ruled by ratings. They don't have to do cheap ratings stunts to gain more viewers and boost profits for stockholders. Sure, they may have to beg for money sometimes or sell crappy overpriced tote bags, but they provide stories with important information. Those stories might not be ratings-grabbers - but many times they are stories people should know about.

Perhaps one day we will have a true independent media that will actually work as a watch dog for the American people. Until that time, I'll be glad that there is PBS and NPR giving me stories that you can't get on other radio and TV stations.

Just think about that the next time you see the mainstream stations spend all of their air time exploiting the latest serial killer, the Michael Jackson trial or Paris Hilton's latest sex tape.

10:59 PM

Blogger the stranger said...

good points design guy, i was just talking about that in an essay/blurb i wrote today, only it didnt make as much sense.

2:57 PM


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