Monday, March 28, 2005

Rick Schroder's in Town! (well....Lawrence,KS)

THE Rick Schroder will premier his directorial debut (“Black Cloud”) at 7 p.m. Thursday at Liberty Hall in Lawrence. Schroder will attend and take questions after the film is screened. Tickets are $7 ($5 for students). Do NOT miss this chance to demand that he reveal secrets from what went down on Silver Spoons. I was kind of hoping that Alfonso Ribeiro ("Carlton" on Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, and danced in a mid-80's Michael Jackson/Pepsi commercial) would somehow be involved in this special screening and lecture. No dice....

KC Blurbmeister Strikes AGAIN!

Shawn Edwards, the Fox-TV/Kansas City Call media superstar, has issued his latest proclamation --- this time a blurb aimed at the Be Cool (the sequel to Get Shorty) bandwagon.

'The Coolest Movie of the Year!"

Meanwhile, the film was slammed by just about every respectable film critic. The Star's Robert Butler said of it: "(The film) feels forced and graceless. It's like a clumsy dancer who can't keep up with the sprightly beat being set by the band." The sequel was described by other reviews posted on rottentomatoes.com as "painful to sit through."

I thought of characterizing Edwards as a media whore......but I fear that would be offensive to actual whores.

Look at the way Edwards "interviews" entertainers when he's not drooling all over them -- here's a 'good' one from the Pitch about four years ago. It involves the third female in Destiny's Child.

Check out Filmsnobs.com and their take on the axis of evil (Hearne Christopher & Edwards) that has made every other film critic in the area come out looking like an out of touch confederate soldier. Here, they actually call him a "quote whore"....so now I feel better that I'm not the only one offending whores by labeling him with this title. Their letter on what's been going on is pretty revealing.

And finally.......

Last week, KMBZ 980 AM afternoon host Russ Johnson took Kemper Arena and Global Spectrum (facility management) to the woodshed after they had the gonads to display such a ridiculous looking 'logo' at center court during the Big 12 tournament. Johnson described the odd choice for a logo as an "alien symbol" on display to a national audience.


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