Tuesday, March 22, 2005

March Madness: Dead Chiefs Player Revitalizing Downtown?

I thought I was going out of my mind when I read in Sunday's KC Star that Buck Buchanan was alive and working with the city on downtown projects.

Waaaahhhhh!!!!!* (*Waaaaaaaahhhh is a trademark of Jon Stewart and The Daily Show).

Gossip Superstar Hearne Christopher quoted downtown developer Wayne Reeder as saying former Chief Buck Buchanan was responsible for landscaping operations. I figured I was the only person in the city who recalled Buck as having passed away in '92 from lung cancer.

Metro Sports aired a segment Monday night on this odd bit being included in Christopher's Sunday column. Their segment said the story had been pulled from the Star's web site.

For the PBS-like transcript, here's the crazy bit verbatim:

Green giant alert:
Let's see, killer views, indoor and outdoor swimming pools β€” what more could a prospective upscale downtown condo buyer ask for than what The View at 600 Admiral has to offer?

Would you believe: former Chiefs star Buck Buchanan?

"Buck Buchanan's doing the landscaping on it,” says co-developer Wayne Reeder. β€œHe's so talented. It's gorgeous what he's doing!”

You can still find the Google cache here.

The Star, nor Wayne Reeder have issued anything explaining how the strange quote/story made it into Sunday's paper.

Who is Reeder? Besides delivering Christopher the single most bat shit crazy quote of all time, he was profiled last fall by The Pitch for his on-going work for the City. The story centered on his stints in prison for $$ fraud and other convictions. Despite his criminal dealings in the past, David Martin's story shows how city officials have forgiven him for his shady past.

UPDATE ---- The Star issued a correction in Tuesday's paper saying the developer's actual name was Buck Buchan. No further explanation on how this mix-up came about.


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