Sunday, March 13, 2005

Quote of the Year from an "Anti-Tax" Socialist

Sports radio 810am WHB's Kevin Kietzman provided what might be the first great quote of 2005 last week.

Kietzman was appearing on 1510 AM to discuss the stadium/arena issues in KC.

After being instrumental in the passage of last August's tax that will provide public funding for the construction of the downtown Sprint Center (a large size arena that hopes to lure a NBA or NHL franchise), Kietzman announced that he was in fact usually opposed to such measures.

"I'm kinda an anti-tax guy myself," Kietzman said.

For the record, Kietzman also acknowledged that local car rental companies have been entered into a bad deal via his efforts to push through the arena question on last fall's ballot.

"It sounds like a bad deal," Kietzman said after the program's host read him paperwork on the deal stating that car rental companies will be forced to pony up the money up front to fund the arena.

Local hotels are also having the Kietzman-campaigned tax forced upon them.

City officials continue to state that the Sprint Center will be up and running for the 2008 Big 12 tournament.


Blogger Eric said...

Very true that the arena tax is far from perfect, but it was the only way to avoid a general tax increase. KC can only do so much on its own. Especially when most of the suburbs refuse to help support regional facilities like arenas, stadiums, theaters, etc - and actually build their own to compete with the city.

Last I heard, Keitzman lives in Overland Park. If he was really so concerned about KC he'd do more than just editorialize on our tax policy, he'd move to KC and participate in the civic life of the city. He's the radio version of Mike Hendricks, someone who spends most of his career writing about a community that he refuses to live in himself.

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