Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Chancellor Takes a Rest(room)

UMKC's now former Chancellor Martha Gilliland has gone from living in the high rise to living in the....outhouse?

UNEWS reporter Jennifer Bhargava confirms are worst fears: Gilliland has gone from UMKC's #1 officer to having an office located where people execute a #1 (and yes, sometimes a #2, as well).

Now in her "transition" phase with the University, Gilliland has set up an office in the former outer lounge of a women's restroom, located at 4825 Troost Avenue. The office is unmarked and easy to miss according to the author.

Wait...its gets worse. Gilliland's "transition office" (a far cry from her office in the administrative building), is actually divided into two halves: one for her and one for her personal assistant. So let me get this straight...UMKC's former Chancellor isn't even allowed AN ENTIRE FORMER BATHROOM LOUNGE to function as her office? Plus, it's got to be awkward for the two of them (her and her assistant) to ever be in there at the same time with the sound of toilets flushing...and they're supposed to pretend to be hard at work? C'mon!

Well....don't feel too bad for Martha. She still draws quite a nice salary from the University as she prepares to teach classes next fall (haha). Until April 1, she will continue to earn her $255,000 yearly salary. After that, she still collects a nice $116,000 a year as a "professor."

I'm willing to bet every penny of that $116,000 that she never steps foot inside a UMKC classroom -- or any classroom for that matter. One of the boats in town needs to take an over/under on the date she'll depart Kansas City for her next cushy University position.


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Perhaps the Chancellor's new office suggests her conversion to a far more economical approach to serving the Missouri state taxpayers. She could hardly be faulted for choosing such a low budget office.

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