Sunday, February 20, 2005

Questions for Black History Month

? #1 -- What happened to the days of Republican administrations working toward smaller government?

Bush's $2.57-trillion budget for 2006 will be more than a third bigger than the 2001 budget he inherited four years ago.

What happened to the philosophy of fiscal responsibility that once guided conservative thought? It’s gone and we’re stuck with two parties that both espouse big government propaganda.

? #2 -- Why is it that not a single big media outlet picked up the national ID card story?

The U.S. House of Representatives has approved a sweeping set of rules that will force adults to carry federally approved electronic ID cards, including driver's licenses. It's a de facto National ID card; just another sign that privacy and individual freedoms will continue to fall into the crapper while we conduct the 'war on terrorism.'

? # 3 -- Are young Americans really so stupid to believe that it would be a good thing for the Government to give clearance to media outlets in order to publish stories?

CNN reports that many high school students believe government censorship of newspapers is needed in some instances, and that flag burning does not constitute protected free speech.

This is the first "Bush Generation" to be raised in the aftermath of 9/11. They can't read, they love MTV, and their not big fans of the 1st Amendment. The future looks bright....much like the bottom of the Pacific Ocean.

1/3 of the high school students polled said the language of the 1st Amendment goes "too far." If this was Ari Fleischer responding I could understand, but to hear from run-of-the-mill public high school students is a more than a bit disturbing.

? # 4 -- Do we live in a society where bloggers can actually be sued?

Jeff Gannon, err James Guckert, certainly thinks so. Guckert/Gannon is threatening the bloggers with litigation for stealing his livelihood. It was Gannon/Guckert, not the bloggers, who signed off on his privacy when he started selling himself for online sex.

? #5 -- Does the KC Star expect us to take it as a serious journalism publication when it runs front page stories on intelligent design?

Sweet Jesus, they've done it again. Star reporter Eddie Hall apparently had nothing better to write about. So what does he do? He goes out and gives another religious nut job the opportunity to remind us why science is evil and his one book has all the answers.

? #6 -- Will any publication advocate the decriminalization of consensual sex?

Again, not the KC Star. Instead, they run a huge page 2 piece this week on a successful prostitution sting. Naturally, author Tanyanika Samuels makes out the cops to be the good guys and the guilty parties to be evil-doers.

Way to stick up for the system Samuels! You'll fit in nicely at the Star next to Kraske and company. Who are these adults to think that they could actually get away with something like this! Additionally, she was able to glorify the heroics of these police officers. They always appreciate the good press for these WACO-like stunts. I sent this promising young journalist a letter; we'll see how the Star chooses to respond (Ordinarily, they don't).

? # 7 -- When will the fake news stop (no, I'm not talking about Fox)?

The use of video news releases (prepared by professional PR agencies) on television newscasts has been well documented since the first Gulf War. Congressional investigators are asking the feds to stop funding these efforts once again in light of other payments that could be tied back to the Bush White House. Video news releases are produced in a way that makes them indistinguishable from what is broadcast by television news organizations. In many cases, they do the job.


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