Friday, April 08, 2005

Award for Crappiest Area Newspaper

Glance through the assortment of local newspapers at your local library and you'll probably come to the same conclusion I arrived at this week -- The Kansas City Call and the Kansas City Kansan are running neck and neck for the annual "Ted Textor Award for Horrific-ness in Local Print Journalism".

Both publications have been reduced to subsidiaries of all the bland wire services we see in every other mediocre publication. It's a cornucopia of Ads, while being totally void of original content and actual reporting.

I'm giving the slight edge right now to the Kansan. Already the Kansan (owned by the Liberty Publishing Group) has managed to get its other publication shut down. The Shawnee Journal-Herald had a nice run of over 80 years in its respective community, until the current 'leadership' of the Kansan ran it into the ground. So in comes the Shawnee Dispatch (courtesy of the Lawrence-based World Company) to gobble up the market. While the Kansan publishes Tuesday through Saturday, it would probably be best to reduce it to a once or twice a week publication until the decide to start putting some decent content together on a daily basis.

The Call deserves mention as well. It's hard to distinguish the Call anymore from Church newsletters. That's about the level of news-gathering their putting into it these days. You feel sorry for the businesses that advertise with these sorry rags. But it's really all most companies can afford to do.

Abolish Government Mail Distribution...now!!!!

A classified in the Johnson County Sun states that the USPS has position openings that will pay from $17-59/hour! (The latter works out to about $123,000/yr.)

I wish I had read that wrong.
With the exceptions of Baghdad and Kabul, is their anymore depressing place on earth than the government-run post office? This turkey is subsidized left and right, and bleeds money every year. They'll never be FedEx or UPS, so naturally their inviting "Green Cards" to apply and fill their offices. It's 2005 and we're still paying taxes to these assholes when any number of businesses can handle the responsibility of delivering me my junk mail. If you've ever worked in the shipping business for five minutes, you'd understand the difference between private couriers versus the first class incompetence on display at your local USPS.

We'll never be so lucky as to see this actually happen. Ashcroft and his band of terror groupies made sure that the government would be keeping tabs on all mail transactions for the next century.


Blogger Will Cooper said...

I'm curious about what taxes you believe are used to subsidize the Postal Service. Seems to me that the ones being subsidized are the non-profits and local newspapers that get to mail at reduced rates.

12:57 AM

Blogger joe said...

The Call was once a very good newspaper. It's not as good, but it still plays an important role in the black community, not only in KC, but across the state. Also, the wire stuff they get is stuff you won't usually find in more mainstream newspapers.

8:02 AM

Anonymous Beckles said...

Public subsidy for the post office ended in 1982 ... and they don't lose money year after year (one of the knocks lately against the post office has been that they are profitable yet they still raise the cost of stamps).

2:35 PM

Blogger the stranger said...

they should raise the cost of stamps, joe, think about it, 37 cents gets your letter mailed anywhere in the freakin world, you can't even drive across town for that much.

4:58 AM

Blogger the stranger said...

i, mean, beckles...

4:59 AM

Anonymous Beckles said...

I don't really have a problem with the cost of stamps, I think it's amazing you can send something anywhere in the US for a mere 37 cents (anywhere in the world costs 55 cents I believe, not just 37 cents).

My point was that I didn't know where our blogger got the idea that the USPS keeps losing money, one of the complaints I've seen when the USPS raises prices is that they make "huge" profits.

8:01 PM


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