Sunday, June 11, 2006

Harry Caray's take on the '85 Royals

"HEY! How about this team?"

"They got a fella pitching named Black! Who happens to be white!"

"They got this guy at second base named White! Who happens to be black!"

"They got this catcher named Quirk.....the only time he sees any action is when George Brett puts in a late night phone call for him to swing by."

"Steve Balboni is a helluva player.....no question that tubby is ON THE JUICE.....he'll be the first of many....mark my words!"

"Willie Wilson may be the fastest player in baseball......he's the latest in a long line of successful 'Wilson's' in this country......like President Woodrow Wilson, Willie enjoys cocaine, and reach arounds from George Brett.

"Dick Howser is one fine manager........but from where I'm sitting that guy looks sick. Now, I'm not a doctor......seriously I'm NOT! But If I were, and if I were one that placed large wagers on people's life expectancy...which I often do......then I would say Captain Dick ain't got much longer till he reaches that finish line in the sky!"

"Darrell Porter has caught for both the Royals AND the Cardinals. Porter is one fine ballplayer.........and the only man to defeat Willie Wilson in a "Blow-off" contest.....don't confuse that with a Quirk/Brett sleepover.....different sport, kids!"

"Says here that Danny Jackson is NOT related to this 'Bo Jackson' kid they have in the minors.....well the last name is Jackson, right? Then how could they NOT be related? Sounds like another conspiracy to me!"

"Buddy Biancalana is tremendous.........unfortunately, I've seen bigger chunks of human waste....regardless, I truly believe Buddy and Ryno (Sandberg) would make a great tag team up the middle........a duo so terrfic, the WWF might want to give them a call. I hear that professional wrestling is as real as it gets."

"Anyways...back to the game....apparently the first base umpire just blew a call.......looks like the Royals have new life....that's great.....I'm all for this thing going to a game seven.....more hot
dogs for Papa Harry."


Blogger Brad said...

I could just 'hear' him as I read the entry. Good work.

1:04 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

nice, but I'm not cool with hating on Quirk like that

5:12 PM


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