Monday, May 28, 2007

Lenexa's Video Library on Last Legs????

Video Library -- a long-time popular video rental destination in Lenexa, Kansas has been suspiciously closed this entire Memorial Day weekend. At first, I expected some sort of annual inventory shutdown for a day or two. Now, I'm beginning to think it may be something much more, as the store sits dark for it's third consecutive day. It's now Monday and the store is still dark -- with "inventory shutdown" signs hanging on the front doors.

The store has been a fixture on 87th and Rosehill (between Pflumm and Quivira) for more than two decades. The store's gigantic selection made it a favorite over the big chain's and their often limited selection of anything beyond new releases. Video Library also stood out from it's competitors by having an extensive selection of video games, children's VHS, and adult (hardcore) titles to select from. Now, with 87th street construction making retail destinations in the area less desirable, as well as a online services from Blockbuster and Netflix gaining a foothold in the marketplace, I'm beginning to wonder if this is sign of something else...

Much of it's vaunted older film inventory is still VHS -- and I know they've been struggling to make a transition (as Blockbuster has) to a near 100% DVD catalog. In recent years, they have sold off video games to outdated systems -- freeing up some much needed space on the shelves for the newer platforms, and incoming DVD (new releases and otherwise) titles.

Calls and e-mails to the store over the weekend were not returned.


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