Saturday, October 23, 2004

"Oh-BOMB-Uh" Becomes Democratic Golden Boy

Would someone tell the media to stop equating the modern day John Kerry with his anti-war tendencies of thirty years ago?

Kerry's 2nd in command and soon-to-be Illinois Golden Boy, Barack Obama, has got his party firmly in line with the War Chest in Washington. Obama announced this week that 'surgical strikes' against Iran were necessary.

And the Anybody But Bush-Michael Moore crowd is just eating it up...What a bunch of spineless, war-mongering, socialists this bunch has become. Kudos to Matt and Trey for sticking it to this worthless bunch.

In 10 days we'll be deciding between a man who went charging into war, and another who prefers a pace closer to a brisk job before letting the bombs drop. One is a 'tax and spend' bureaucrat, the other and 'spend and tax cut' politician...beautiful.

Inevitably, we end up broke AND dead with either of their 'middle of the road' ideologies behind the wheel of power.

I encourage you to consider alternatives to these two monstrosities. Badnarik (Libertarian) and Nader (Independent) both are committed to pulling us out of this deadly foreign policy approach, and to ridding us of the disastrous deficit. Granted, one candidate is 'far right' and other is 'far left', but both are reasonable alternatives to the status quo of the D.C. establishment.

Obama, Kerry, Bush, McCain...and the rest of these wanna-be 'moderate' men are one in the same. They refuse to support liberty, the Bill of Rights, the Constitution, etc.


When a Boston cop killed a UMASS student during the city's post game celebration, the city's mayor called for prohibition.

Here's a crazy thought...why not hold the cops accountable for once? When they kill someone, punish them instead of using it as a means of suspending the rights of the people?

Nah. That's not the way our system works.....but anyway. I say fuck'em.