Thursday, December 02, 2004

Nipples of KU

The money-makers affiliated with KU are at it again with the 2005 edition of the nationally-acclaimed calendar, "The Women of KU." Topeka-based radio station WIBW is distributing the calendar. The publication is becoming well-known nationwide as a stunning piece of art that continues to be miles away from any sort of professional swimwear exhibition and just nipples away from Hustler.

Shout (Talk) Radio in KC

AM Radio is not shy about being the home of ultra-right wing discourse. While 980AM and other stations rely on syndicated voices to fill their conservative airwaves, one local station has got the home grown talent to push the big boys. 1140AM KCXL features a wide variety of nuts jobs. One AM female personality will regularly rail against foreigners who "refuse to learn OUR language. It makes me sick!"

It's almost 2005, Captain Nutso. The country is and will never be populated by clones of Ward and June Cleaver. Get over yourself! Would it really kill YOU and your offspring to live in a world of Spanish speaking neighbors?

"It's not fair! We're losing the country! Wahhh!"

If we (white people) are losing the country...then who's winning?

Black people? Really? Have you seen Troost lately?

Hispanics? Yeah, I'm sure you're real envious of all the great blue collar jobs they accept and perform so are kids don't have to.

Gays? Of course...the damn queers again! C'mon...a few of got married...Jesus appears cool with it. Let it go for Christ's sake.

Also of note on 1140 is Alex Jones, a syndicated radio personality. Jones is making a living off of his EXTREME paranoia of government, focusing in on opposition to the war, the events of 9-11 and more. He's even found a niche on the 'net as well.


Sudan has always been plagued by civil unrest - In fact, the country's history has been one continuous civil war.

The American public believes that all these countries need in order to solve their problems is (surprise, surprise)...help from US!!!

Supporters of US (military) action in the Sudan continue to highlight the country’s Christian minority and how they are being oppressed at the very least and at the very worst being massacred.

We're only going to get ourselves and the Sudanese into trouble if we continue to believe that we can march into a foreign land and make living conditions better for cultures we share nothing in common with. Vietnam should have served as a pretty good history lesson for those who believe we can insert American into the civil wars of other nations and not end up paying a huge price.

Sudan is (surprise!) a country that sits on a bed of oil. Why is this particular resource always near by when we go looking to ‘eliminate evil’ or ‘make the world safer democracy’???

While the press is focused on the situation unfolding in the oil-rich Sudan, much more immediate carnage is taking place in the neighboring Congo. The body count from its civil war is thought to have topped 3 million; a much more serious tragedy than what is occurring in Sudan.

On top of everything else going on in the world, do people truly believe we can afford to commit Americans in yet another foreign land? What was that whole bit about having nothing but a 'volunteer' army in the candidates' stump speeches leading up to the election? The feds are already predicting that a US presence in the Sudan will cost taxpayers upwards of $300 million. I wish..more like (Dr. Evil voice) "Three Hundred...Billion Dollars....Mawaahaha!!!"

At a time when we just saw Congress raise the debt ceiling, it appears that they are very much willing to authorize the President to take action with a blank check. To hell with all of them (minus Ron Paul).


Chicago...be warned when you moved. They're watching.

That's the last straw. There is now, officially, no reason to visit Chicago. First Harry Carry dies...then Jordan retires...now they're spying on their own citizens. The Patriot Act (just like the NBA) is FAN-tastic! Unlike the NBA, the Patriot Act has yet to find John Tesh to pen them a catchy new slogan and theme song.